You must have Register and pay for your annual PACC membership before you can enroll in a class. NOTE. If you have already Registered your Membership in Term 1 you do NOT need to Re-register again this term, simply Log In with your User ID and Password.

Please don’t delay enroling in your favourite classes, this may result in a class being cancelled because of a lack of numbers, as you will appreciate we need to confirm with the tutor 2 weeks before the start of term whether they have enough students enroled. The decision to run each class is entirely up to the tutor.

Tutors are always provided with a register at the start of term with the names of everybody attending, which will be made up from the enrollment data received by the PACC before the start of term.

Tutors are unable to accept forms/monies from members who turn up to a class.

Class fees are not refundable, unless cancelled by you 2 weeks before the start of term, or by PACC due to insufficient numbers or other reasons.  Classes are strictly not transferrable, even in case of illness.

Enrolment forms for those who are unable to register online are available here:  EnrolmentForm2017-18

PLEASE NOTE: Manual enrolment forms that are received before commencement date of on-line forms, will not be processed until the date on-line forms are activated. See Home page for term enrolment opening dates.